LodeRunner 1.05

One of the popular classics of the 1980's in the plam of your hand

If you weren’t around for the platform arcade mania of the 1980s, or your parents kept you on a real short leash, now is your chance to let loose. LodeRunner is a game from the heyday of electronic entertainment, now for your Pocket PC.

This game is pretty basic in concept, but it’s easy to get hooked - you help the bounty hunter collect all the treasures, while eluding (or preferably destroying) evil guards who are trained to kill.

LodeRunner comes with 50 amazing and challenging levels, original soundtracks and many new features like:

  • Shovel - make that dirt fly!
  • Puncher - walls won't stop you!
  • Stepladder - prepare to climb!

A fun and addictive arcade classic on your Pocket PC.

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LodeRunner 1.05

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